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Benefits of Piano Study

       A Musical education will enhance many aspects of your child's  development such as:

  • Problem Solving

  • Memory Skills

  • Self-confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • Concentration

  • Self-expressions

  • Poise

  • Coordination 

                                                        Did You Know ?          

  • Piano Students are better equipped to comprehend mathematical and scientific concepts, performing 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability than the other.

  • Second-grade students were given four months of piano training as well as time using newly designed math software The group scored over 27 percent higher on proportional math and fractions tests than children who used only the math software.

  • Piano playing challenges the brain to comprehend and apply over 10 simulataneous instructions at the same time.

  • High school music students score higher on SAT's in both verbal and math than their peers

  • One recent MIT study determined that the cerebral cortex of a concert pianist is enlarged by 30% on average compared to people that are considered intellectuals, but who did not have instrumental music education.

  • Another CA study found that 75% of Silicon Valley CEO’s had instrumental music education as a child.

  • It is not as important for a student to play a piece of music with perfection as it is for him or her to develop to the best of his or her abilities. The piano is an educational tool that can help accelerate a child’s development

  • Studying the piano will help adults maintain and gain benefits in brain age.

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