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Customer Testimonials Piano Lessons, Scottsdale,AZ

"Mrs. Kenney is an incredible teacher who instilled in me a love of music at an early age. She taught me piano for many years as I grew up in Milwaukee. I doubt I would still be a musician today without her knowledge, kindness, patience, and enthusiasm for my music-making in those early years, and her ongoing support as I continue on this musical path."

                                                         - Emily Cooley, former student, 

Classical Composer.Artist Diploma at Curtis

I had the privilege of having Mrs Kenney as my instructor for 13 years! She taught me not only to play the piano but also to play passionately. She is an amazing pianist and a brilliant teacher. Having shared several great memories and laughs through the years, we could talk on a more personal level during lessons. Mrs Kenney is so enthusiastic, devoted, and sensitive, allowing lessons to be fun while the work still gets completed. With critiques also came even more positive feedback. Mrs Kenney is so thoughtful, and I remember actually crying during one lesson because I was overwhelmed at how much she cared, as embarrassing as that was for me! For every piano piece that she helped me through, she would first show me to physically play it correctly and then allow me to emotionally connect with it on a deeper level, which makes every piece that I have ever played so special to me. When I go back to play older pieces, it brings back countless memories that I associated with those pieces. Honestly, no other teacher can get you to love playing the piano like Mrs Kenney can! 

 -Trisha Dasgupta, former student, 2014

Attending Arizona State University

We have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Kenney as our daughters piano teacher for several years. We have been very impressed with our daughters progress under her guidance. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm our daughter has with Mrs. Kenney, and always leaves her session with a big smile. Mrs. Kenney's challenging and positive approach has allowed our daughter to gain more confidence in herself. Mrs. Kenney is a terrific mentor, and we are grateful for the early life lessons that she has reinforced in our daughter.

                                              -Sonya Luke, parent

"Mrs. Kenney has been such a wonderful teacher for our daughter. She has a classical and fundamental approach to teaching. I believe her students really thrive in their music because of these methods. She has high expectations of her students and she gets them to achieve because of these expectations. She is a very caring teacher. She gently guides and navigates my daughter through any difficulty she might be having. Not only does Mrs. Kenney's piano lessons help with piano, but the lessons taught carry over learning to her trumpet and vocals.We are very impressed with how far our daughter has progressed in three years with Mrs. Kenney. She is truly inspiring and a fantastic piano teacher!"

                                                                                _ Theresa, D., parent

"Mrs. Kenney is an outstanding teacher who inspires a life-long love of music in students of all ages. She is creative, enthusiastic, energetic, personable, and intuitive. Her methods are based in years of education, continuing education and many years of experience which translates into a teacher who customizes her approach to meet the learning style of the individual. It is definitely to the credit of Mrs.Kenney that music is still , and will always be, an important part of my two daughters' lives."

-Dr. Kay Jansen, UWM-Milwaukee, College of Nursing

"Mrs. Kenney is the only teacher I have found whose approach to music education is timeless. She teaches foundational theory in a stepwise fashion, building and reviewing to develop in my son the skills needed to learn this instrument. Mrs. Kenney is fun and engaging! She patiently encourages my son when he struggles, gently pushes him when he needs a kick in the pants, and joyfully celebrates with him when he succeeds. I am constantly amazed at her repertoire and her ability to meet my son where he is at. We love Mrs.Kenney!

- Dr. Jessica G, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and Homeschooling mother of 4

"In the years as her Oldest Student, Mrs. Kenney has personified all that you might read about in a perfect world of what a piano teacher should be. Patient, caring, thoughtful, supportive, and much more. The list could go on and on. I consider her a FRIEND.

Not to use her for your child or yourself, could be an error in judgment." 

                                                         -John, J, adult student

Thank you!

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