to the needs, desires, and skills
  of the individual student

Constance Kenney

          Piano Studio  Scottsdale, AZ

Where lessons are tailored 

Piano Lessons for all levels, Scottsdale, AZ

             Chloe's Reflection, composition by David Kenney. Performed by Constance Kenney

            Now Is the Time, composition by Emily Cooley, former piano student of Mrs.Kenney.
                                          Performed by Typical Music Piano Trio  July 9, 2014

Lauren's First Recital       Spring 2014

Piano Lessons for all Levels

" I have enjoyed learning to play the piano this year. She believes in me."

Prelude from Pour le Piano by Claude Debussy. Performed by student Dipro Chakraborty at his Senior Recital. 

Lucas Family
                        Gabrielle, Marie-eve, and Julianne reflect on Mrs. Kenney and Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for all Levels

"Mrs. Kenney is an amazing piano teacher!  She is very patient, kind, and extremely talented."

Mrs. Kenney trains your ear to hear pure sound and she teaches you that the piano isn't just keys, hammers, and pedals, but a special tool which used skillfully can create a beautiful language.  Once you experience all the time and effort into playing an instrument, you appreciate music at a more professional level."

"Taking piano lessons and participating in recitals have helped in time management and confidence."

  "Mrs. Kenney personalizes the lesson plan to everyone of her students, according to their learning styles, strengths, and abilities."